This iPad application takes the traditional idea of solitaire and enhances it in an exquisite variety of unique and exciting ways, allowing the player to customize the game, playing it differently each time. It is brilliantly designed with stunning optional sounds and magnificent animations that provide a realistic feel, but at the same time, allow for additional features not available in the real-life game. The user interface is brilliant, and the game is both challenging and exciting. It is definitely one of the best solitaire iPad apps available.

The player customizes the iPad application by selecting from a range of settings. The Game Mode allows the player to play with a half deck for a super-quick game; Solitaire-Double-Deck-HD-iPad-App-Review-Screenshotone deck for the traditional experience; or 2 decks to double the challenge and fun. The player can also decide whether he/she would like to draw 1, 2, or 3 cards at a time. Three different modes of scoring are available, or the player can select not to keep the score at all. The player can also choose whether or not to time the game,  and whether or not to count his/her moves. In addition, sound effects can be switched on or off. Advanced settings include Right-Handed Mode, which moves the deck to the right of the screen; Extreme-SPEED Mode, which moves the cards at lightning speed;  Quick Touch, which allows the cards to move when they are touched instead of the player having to drag them; and Double-Tap Complete, which completes the game automatically. Three themes are available for the player to select from; or card fronts, card backs, and table background can be customized. An excellent help feature is also provided, and the player can start a new game at any stage, as well as track his/her scores and statistics. The menu can be hidden while the game is being played and moves can be undone and redone. The hint feature is probably the best feature on this iPad app. This feature gives the player intelligent hints by highlighting the cards that should be played.

Although solitaire is probably one of the most common games available on computers and mobile devices, Solitaire Double-Deck HD is certainly a worthwhile version of the game to purchase. The magnificent design, sound, and animations, together with the versatile settings of this iPad app definitely ensure an enjoyable, challenging, and even addictive experience.