I thought for the iPad is a fantastic new app that is available now from the iTunes app store. What the app allows you to do is to create mind maps on the iPad. If you regularly create mind maps then this app is certainly for you. Once you use this application, then creating a mind map using a pen and paper will seem like it isn’t even possible to do. Creating a mind map with this app is extremely simple and easy to do and once you have used the app a few times, you will more than likely choose to use this app for almost anything you need to plan out.

If you are new to the concept of mind mapping, then let us explain. Mind mapping is used when people wish to plan something out, perhaps you are planning on writing an essay or even a book, mind mapping should always be done before you start writing as it will help you to get a clear idea as to where your project is going and what it is going to include. Starting a mind map with iThought for iPad is extremely easy. When you first launch the app you will be presented with a blank canvas for your thoughts, all there will be is one bubble that is located in the center of the page which will be where you put the title of your mind map. Go ahead and write the title of your mind map in this bubble using the iPads onscreen keyboard.iThought HD

Once you have created a new mind map and have written the title then you will need to start writing down your thoughts on to the device. Doing this is extremely easy and the iPad is extremely versatile. The app can be used in either portrait or landscape mode so that you can make sure your mind map looks exactly how you want it to. Also, the appearance, size, and shape of the bubbles can be changed extremely easily using the iPads great touch interface and all you will need to do in order to change the options is to touch the correct icon on the screen.

One great feature of this application is that once a mind map is complete, it can then be exported in several ways that will enable it to be used outside of the iPad environment. It is possible to email the mind map to your email address, or even to a friend’s email address right from within the application and you can also convert the mind map into a variety of popular formats. For example, you can convert your mind map into a .PDF file, a PNG file, and may more. see more apps at http://www.ipad-application-reviews.com/ipad-app-review-live-cams-hd/

Overall, this is an absolutely fantastic app and it will really enable you to create great mind maps on your iPad device. Although the app is priced rather high at $7.99, we feel that it is still well worth the money simply for the ease of use and the features that it offers.