PrintCentral is a great idea for an iPad app that actually allows you to print a variety of different files right from your iPad. The idea of the app is that it will make it easier for many people to print the files that they want to print as they won’t have to waste time logging on to their computer; opening their files and printing in a conventional way like many of us are used to. Of course, as with many applications, the idea of this app sounds like a great idea, but a lot of applications are never really as good as they claim to be.

However, this is certainly not the case with this app as it seems to be one of the best web design websites for translating your thoughts into reality. The website is extremely well designed and the user interface is extremely simple. Even if you have not used an app like this for the iPad or iPhone devices before, you are sure to pick it up almost straight away and you will be printing your files from your iPad in no time. The app is laid out with a list of your files on the left-hand side of the screen, then on the right-hand side of the screen, you will get a preview of whichever file you decide to select. This is great as it sort of acts as a print preview and you can make sure that the file you want to print is actually the file you have selected before sending it to the printer. The menu bar is located along the bottom of the screen and has a variety of different options, including the print button of course.PrintCentral

The app has some pretty useful features that will really make life easier for a lot of people. One of these features is that you will have the ability to open attachments from the Apple Mail app that is pre-installed on the iPad and print them using this app. You are also able to print various web pages that you come across whilst browsing on your device and you are able to access your MobileMe account and print files that are located on that. As to the kinds of files that this app supports, there are very few that you will find it doesn’t support. You are able to print Word documents, PDF files, .txt files, image files, and many others.

Overall, this app is extremely useful and will really make printing those important documents easy. We would say that this app would be especially useful for business users who need to print those files as soon as possible without delay. The app is available from the App Store for just $9.99 and although that may seem like quite a hefty price just for an iPad app, you really are getting an array of extremely useful features.