iPad App Review: Desktop

Although the iPad is a fantastic piece of technology, it is much like the iPhone in the way that it only allows you to run one app at a time. For example, it isn’t possible to browse the web while you are writing an email. To a lot of iPad users this is a huge drawback for the product, but don’t worry, there is now a solution. This comes in the form of an app called Desktop which has been created by Aqua Eagle. But does it really do what it claims?

The simple answer is yes, the app allows you to run any two of the apps that on your iPad at the same time. However, it does only allow a certain amount of apps, so you will not be able to play the latest game you have just downloaded whilst browsed the web, for example.  The app works by splitting the screen, the app then puts each one of the apps you are running on each side of the screen, much like a desktop computer. This allows you to multitask, a feature that is yet to be seen on the iPhone or iPad operating system.Desktop

The app is extremely simple to use. When using the split screen, you choose how the screen is split; you can choose either to have an app at the top and bottom of the screen or to have an app to the left and right of the screen, depending on whether or not you opt for portrait or landscape mode. Although currently the app is limited to being able to run only the basic apps, such as Browser, Calculator, Currency Converter, Dictionary, E-mail composer, Maps, Weather, and a few others, it is still very useful. The app is also very intuitive and does most of the work for you, the user will never have to worry about resizing, moving, or maximizing the windows as the app takes care of this for you by itself. Until Apple brings in the next OS 4 update for the iPad, this is the closest we have to a complete multitasking system.

Overall, this is a brilliant and extremely useful app. There have been countless times where I have just wanted to check my email without exiting my current application or search for a song without quitting the app I’m currently using. The app is very easy to use and the developers also state that there are new modules coming in the next update, which will expand the variety of apps that you can use with the device. The app is very modestly priced in the app store so we highly recommended the purchase of it if you have a few dollars to spare.

iPad App Review: Evernote

If you have an iPad then you will know that since its release from Apple around 2 months ago, there have been a whole lot of third party apps being developed, all of which aim to make your life easier or more fun. One of the things that you will probably have noticed there is a lot of if you have browsed the iPad app store recently is notes applications. Now, this might seem a bit strange as you will probably know that the iPad actually comes with a notes application already installed, much like on the iPhone. However, there are a lot of iPad apps out there that claim to offer a lot more features than the already installed notes app offers, and one of these applications is called Evernote.

The idea of this application is that it will help you to remember everything that you ever want to remember, in fact, on the app store it actually describes the application as being an extension of your brain, meaning that they have made it extremely intuitive and easy to use. Not only can you just use this application to create usual text notes like on the original notes app for the iPad, but you can also use it to save snapshots of things and many other features.read more about Evernote app at https://evernote.com/

The first thing we will talk about is the overall look of the app. The app has been designed extremely well and when you launch it for the first time, you will probably think that it looks pretty blank. The only reason for this is actually that you simply do not yet have any saved notes, therefore there isn’t really much to show you. However, the app is designed quite simply and there are no cluttered views or anything that might confuse you. The app features a large area where the notes are kept as well as a small taskbar at the top of the screen where you can select what you need.Evernote

Now, the application has some pretty cool features that will really make your life a lot easier. One of the best features we think is that with the app, you will have the ability to create text, photo, and audio notes. This means that if you can create notes like you usually would with the iPad on-screen keypad, but you can also add a photo into the notes and comment on it as well as making a quick audio note if you are in a hurry. This is a great feature and it will really speed things up. Another thing that you can do with this application actually syncs your notes with your PC or Mac so you can keep track of your notes wherever you are.

Overall, this is a fantastic note application for the iPad and the absolute best thing about it is that it is available free of charge from the app store, so give it a go.

iPad App Review: Chapters – Notebooks for Writing

There are plenty of apps around for the iPad that allows you to take notes in many different and innovative ways. There are also a lot of apps out there that will allow you to keep a diary or a journal of some kind on your device and there are even apps that will allow you to keep a travel log or a photo log. The problem is that if you want to do all of these things; keep a diary, a photo/travel log and take notes on the iPad, you will usually end up having to buy a few different apps and this can cost you a lot of money as well as making it so that all of your information and logs are in different locations on your iPad. In terms of iPad apps, there are also a lot in the app store that are very low quality but luckily, there is now an iPad app that solves all of the problems above and this is called Chapters – Notebooks for Writing.

This is a great idea for an app and what it actually allows you to do is keep all of your projects in one place. Whether you are looking to create a diary for your day to day thoughts or whether you are looking to create a travel log with photos or even a full notebook, this app offers you the ability to do it. When it comes to the design of the app, it is very minimal but also well designed. The app is designed with a boring but easy on the eye color scheme that will allow you to keep focused on the project that you are actually working on. The app features a small menu bar at the top of the page but aside from that, you have the whole 9.7 inch iPad screen to see exactly what you are working on.GMAT Sentence Correction Test Bank

There are many features of this fantastic app that you will be able to make use of. One of the best features that we think the app is has is that it is response web design. This means that you can use the app in any orientation of the iPad; portrait or landscape. You can also adjust the size of the text for each of the notebooks you are working on, as well as the font of the text and the color. You can add photos to your notebook quickly and easily and much more.

Another fantastic feature of this app is that you can actually export the entire notebook that you are working on as a PDF file. This is great if you are looking to create an eBook or something similar. You can also export any notebook entry you like to email with just a single tap of a button.

Overall, this is a great app whatever you are looking to write about. The app is so versatile and is great for almost any need. The app is currently on sale for $3.99 in the app store at https://www.notebooksapp.com/

iPad App Review: GMAT Sentence Correction Test Bank

There are many different types of apps for the iPad that have been designed to aid you in learning more. Since the release of the iPad just a few months ago, there have been thousands of apps to hit the app store that have been designed in order to help us to improve our knowledge, whether it is English or language-based or anything else. Now, there is a great app out there that will actually allow you to increase the amount you know about the structure of sentences and the way that the English language works. In terms of iPad apps out there for this kind of thing, this app has to be one of the best and it goes by the name of GMAT Sentence Correction Test Bank.

The idea of the app is that it will really expand your knowledge of writing and how to word sentences. It tackles a lot of issues with sentences such as grammar and much more. There are so many things packed into the app in terms of improving your knowledge of sentences and the way that it allows you to learn is extremely good. The app also allows you to figure things out for yourself to a certain extent, which is great.GMAT Sentence Correction Test Bank

Of course, one of the most important things with any iPad app is the design of the app and in a vast amount of cases; a bad design can be the reason that an app is not of any use at all. This app is designed extremely well and as it is an app that has been made for educational purposes, there are no strong designs or heavy colors used which is absolutely perfect for the type of app that it is. However, although there are no colorful designs or anything over the top, the designers have still managed to make the app easy to use and they have made the instructions that are on-screen extremely clear and easy to read.

When it comes to the features of the app, there are enough for what the app aims to do and there are some great ones that will really help you learn. One of the features is that the app will actually create a quiz for you. This is great as it actually allows you to simulate what actually taking a test question would be like and it really prepares you for the exam. As well as this, the app will really make your studying efficient as there are absolutely no distractions in the app to take away your attention and it is very focused and to the point.

One of the largest advantages of the app is that you will actually be able to use the app almost anywhere you are and at any time. This means that you can study at any time you like.

Overall, this is an exceptional app that is really useful if you are looking to learn more about this subject. The app is on sale for around $2.99 in the iTunes App Store and is well worth the price.

iPad App Review: Penultimate

Penultimate is an app for the iPad that allows you to write, sketch, and draw almost anything you want to, simply using the touch of your finger on the iPad’s screen. The app is similar to the notes app that you get with the iPhone and iPod Touch, however, it’s more like ‘notes on steroids’ as it allows you to do so much more than was ever possible with notes.

The overall layout of this app is excellent. It features a beautifully designed interface and all of the different options and menus are set out in a very user-friendly manner, making them easy to read and understand. The app has great responsiveness and the iPad’s processor really comes into its own when you are using this app. At no point when we tested this app did it lag behind or need time to process what we were trying to draw or write. The second your finger touches the screen is the second that your writing or sketches will be transferred to the iPad device.Penultimate

The idea of the app is that it allows you to record your ideas, right then, at the moment that you think of them. You are able to create hand-drawn notebooks that can feature an unlimited amount of pages. Each page in the notebook can feature almost anything you care to scribble down, whether it be text, sketches, or even a mixture of both. Once you have finished one page of your notebook, simply tap the new page button and the app will present you with a clear page once again. When you have finished your entire book of notes, the app gives you a variety of options. It gives you the option to read through all the work that you have done, in the same style that you would read an eBook on the device, you simply flick to turn to the next page.

The app also gives you the option to convert your notebook to PDF format and then email it to your friends, family, or colleagues. You are able to select the whole book to convert to PDF format or you can even select just the pages you want. The app also allows you to store a variety of different notebooks on the device which gives you the option to organize your different ideas into different notebooks, much like organizing things into folders on a desktop PC. This makes the app great for anyone who needs to communicate their ideas in a quick manner.

This app is perfect for business users, especially people such as graphic designers as it allows you to instantly transfer any ideas that you may have to the device, much like jotting your ideas down on a piece of paper. The app is available from the app store for just $2.99 and we feel that this is definitely worth your money

iPad App Review: PrintCentral

PrintCentral is a great idea for an iPad app that actually allows you to print a variety of different files right from your iPad. The idea of the app is that it will make it easier for many people to print the files that they want to print as they won’t have to waste time logging on to their computer; opening their files and printing in a conventional way like many of us are used to. Of course, as with many applications, the idea of this app sounds like a great idea, but a lot of applications are never really as good as they claim to be.

However, this is certainly not the case with this app as it seems to be one of the best web design websites for translating your thoughts into reality. The website is extremely well designed and the user interface is extremely simple. Even if you have not used an app like this for the iPad or iPhone devices before, you are sure to pick it up almost straight away and you will be printing your files from your iPad in no time. The app is laid out with a list of your files on the left-hand side of the screen, then on the right-hand side of the screen, you will get a preview of whichever file you decide to select. This is great as it sort of acts as a print preview and you can make sure that the file you want to print is actually the file you have selected before sending it to the printer. The menu bar is located along the bottom of the screen and has a variety of different options, including the print button of course.PrintCentral

The app has some pretty useful features that will really make life easier for a lot of people. One of these features is that you will have the ability to open attachments from the Apple Mail app that is pre-installed on the iPad and print them using this app. You are also able to print various web pages that you come across whilst browsing on your device and you are able to access your MobileMe account and print files that are located on that. As to the kinds of files that this app supports, there are very few that you will find it doesn’t support. You are able to print Word documents, PDF files, .txt files, image files, and many others.

Overall, this app is extremely useful and will really make printing those important documents easy. We would say that this app would be especially useful for business users who need to print those files as soon as possible without delay. The app is available from the App Store for just $9.99 and although that may seem like quite a hefty price just for an iPad app, you really are getting an array of extremely useful features.

iPad App Review: iThought HD

I thought for the iPad is a fantastic new app that is available now from the iTunes app store. What the app allows you to do is to create mind maps on the iPad. If you regularly create mind maps then this app is certainly for you. Once you use this application, then creating a mind map using a pen and paper will seem like it isn’t even possible to do. Creating a mind map with this app is extremely simple and easy to do and once you have used the app a few times, you will more than likely choose to use this app for almost anything you need to plan out.

If you are new to the concept of mind mapping, then let us explain. Mind mapping is used when people wish to plan something out, perhaps you are planning on writing an essay or even a book, mind mapping should always be done before you start writing as it will help you to get a clear idea as to where your project is going and what it is going to include. Starting a mind map with iThought for iPad is extremely easy. When you first launch the app you will be presented with a blank canvas for your thoughts, all there will be is one bubble that is located in the center of the page which will be where you put the title of your mind map. Go ahead and write the title of your mind map in this bubble using the iPads onscreen keyboard.iThought HD

Once you have created a new mind map and have written the title then you will need to start writing down your thoughts on to the device. Doing this is extremely easy and the iPad is extremely versatile. The app can be used in either portrait or landscape mode so that you can make sure your mind map looks exactly how you want it to. Also, the appearance, size, and shape of the bubbles can be changed extremely easily using the iPads great touch interface and all you will need to do in order to change the options is to touch the correct icon on the screen.

One great feature of this application is that once a mind map is complete, it can then be exported in several ways that will enable it to be used outside of the iPad environment. It is possible to email the mind map to your email address, or even to a friend’s email address right from within the application and you can also convert the mind map into a variety of popular formats. For example, you can convert your mind map into a .PDF file, a PNG file, and may more. see more apps at http://www.ipad-application-reviews.com/ipad-app-review-live-cams-hd/

Overall, this is an absolutely fantastic app and it will really enable you to create great mind maps on your iPad device. Although the app is priced rather high at $7.99, we feel that it is still well worth the money simply for the ease of use and the features that it offers.

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