There is no doubt that the iPad has completely revolutionized the way that a lot of people work and enjoy games on mobile devices, but there is also a couple of major drawbacks to the device. One of the problems that people actually face when it comes to the iPad is that they are unable to play flash content on the device. This can be a big problem as there is a lot of flash content available on the internet including many games and advertisements on websites. Until recently, there was no way of viewing the flash content on the device until the SkyFire iPad app came along and made it all possible.

The idea behind the SkyFire application is that it is another web browser for the iPad. It was first made available on the iPhone but following the success, it has been made available for the iPad too. The main idea of the web browser is that it will allow you to be able to view flash content on the device, although it does have a lot of other features as well.skyfire-screenshot

When you launch the application for the first time, you will notice that it looks pretty similar to any other web browser out there for the iPad. A lot of people think that it looks quite similar to Firefox with the color scheme and we look at this as an added bonus. The app looks pretty simple then, but it is packed full of features that will make browsing the web on the iPad device much better than it has ever been before.

One of the best features of SkyFire is of course that it allows you to play flash content on the device. It does this by converting the content into a format that the iPad can view and it does this well. The application works with almost all flash media although it will not work with flash games or flash apps. Everything else works fine and the app will let you choose whether or not you would actually like to view the content.

As well as this fantastic feature, the application also allows you to be able to be social on the iPad. There is actually a toolbar at the bottom of the browser that will allow you to share things on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. This built-in functionality really makes the application appeal to a lot of users and really makes a lot of social things on the iPad a lot simpler. You can also share things you find over a variety of other services including GReader as well as Instapaper and many more.

Overall, this is a fantastic application that really allows you to view the flash content as well as having many other great features. The app is available from the iTunes app store for just $4.99.