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iPad App Review: Splashtop Remote Desktop

One of the unique features of the iPad is the large screen that has. Not only is it extremely large for a tablet computer, but it is also very high quality. It’s great to actually access your computer and control your desktop from the iPad and there are only a handful of iPad apps that actually allow this. A lot of them tend to be a little slow or poorly designed but now, there is Splashtop Remote Desktop that will allow you to do this brilliantly.

One of the things that it absolutely fantastic about Splashtop when compared with other applications that are similar is that it takes almost no time at all to actually set up. This is a great plus point if you are ready to get going with your work and you haven’t got the time to set things up. Splashtop can be configured in just a few minutes and it actually allows you to have one-click access to your computer.

Splashtop Remote Desktop

Another good feature of this app is that it really does give you full access to your desktop. There are a lot of applications out there for the iPad that will only give you access to a few applications on your desktop but this really allows you to access them all. One of the things that this app is great for is actually viewing the web on your iPad. Because it is actually connecting to your desktop computer and using the web browser that you have installed on your PC, you will be able to view videos as well as flash content. This is something that you would not usually be able to do on the iPad.

Splashtop is also fantastic if you are looking to listen to music on your iPad as it can actually allow you to have access to the entire music library that is on your computer. This is a great plus point and it will allow you to listen to more music than your iPad could ever store if you feel the need to.

Splashtop is also great as it works with such a wide range of different computers and operating systems. The application is compatible with everything from Windows XP to Vista and it is also compatible with Mac OSX. This means that it doesn’t matter what computer you have, you will almost always be able to use this application to its full advantage.

Overall, this has to be one of the best remote desktop applications out there because of the huge amount of features and compatibility with such a wide range of operating systems. The app is available from the iTunes app store for the price of just $1.99.

iPad App Review: SkyFire Web Browser

There is no doubt that the iPad has completely revolutionized the way that a lot of people work and enjoy games on mobile devices, but there is also a couple of major drawbacks to the device. One of the problems that people actually face when it comes to the iPad is that they are unable to play flash content on the device. This can be a big problem as there is a lot of flash content available on the internet including many games and advertisements on websites. Until recently, there was no way of viewing the flash content on the device until the SkyFire iPad app came along and made it all possible.

The idea behind the SkyFire application is that it is another web browser for the iPad. It was first made available on the iPhone but following the success, it has been made available for the iPad too. The main idea of the web browser is that it will allow you to be able to view flash content on the device, although it does have a lot of other features as well.skyfire-screenshot

When you launch the application for the first time, you will notice that it looks pretty similar to any other web browser out there for the iPad. A lot of people think that it looks quite similar to Firefox with the color scheme and we look at this as an added bonus. The app looks pretty simple then, but it is packed full of features that will make browsing the web on the iPad device much better than it has ever been before.

One of the best features of SkyFire is of course that it allows you to play flash content on the device. It does this by converting the content into a format that the iPad can view and it does this well. The application works with almost all flash media although it will not work with flash games or flash apps. Everything else works fine and the app will let you choose whether or not you would actually like to view the content.

As well as this fantastic feature, the application also allows you to be able to be social on the iPad. There is actually a toolbar at the bottom of the browser that will allow you to share things on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. This built-in functionality really makes the application appeal to a lot of users and really makes a lot of social things on the iPad a lot simpler. You can also share things you find over a variety of other services including GReader as well as Instapaper and many more.

Overall, this is a fantastic application that really allows you to view the flash content as well as having many other great features. The app is available from the iTunes app store for just $4.99.

iPad App Review: Speak It! Text to Speech

One of the things that you might notice about the iPad is that whilst the screen is extremely large and makes reading things extremely easy, you still might not be able to be bothered to read a lot of things. The iPad has a lot going for it, it has many things that app developers can use to their advantage and one of the iPad apps that takes a couple of these things is the Speak It! Text to Speech app for the iPad. The idea of this application is that it will read things aloud to you on your iPad so you don’t have to.

The first thing we will look at is the design of this app and we think that the design is pretty good. When you launch the app for the first time you will probably notice this also and whilst the design is pretty good, it is also pretty simple. This app doesn’t have much design really like the idea of the app is to offer more functionality than design. However, the small amount of design that has been done is certainly fine and the app is laid out well enough for almost anyone to understand it. The app has many features, all of which are designed to make your life even easier than never before and it uses the built-in speaker of the iPad and the headphones feature to allow the app to read things to you.Speak-It-screenshot-225x300

One of the best features of the app is that you can actually copy and paste text from almost any other app on the iPad device into the Speak It! Text to Speech application, all you have to do in order to do this is to actually copy some text, launch the Speak It! Text to Speech app and then paste it. After this, you can make use of a variety of other features and have the text read out loud to you. The other great feature that we have noticed with the app is that you can actually have the text read to you in four different voices. The app has four voices loaded into it, two of them are British voices and two of them are American. There is one male voice and one female voice for each region and this means that you will really be able to have the text read to you in an accent that is easy to understand for yourself. The fact that the developers have thought of this is great. Another quite useful feature is that you can actually save audio files that the app creates so that you can listen to them later.

Overall, this is a fantastic app and it claims to offer the best text to speech services of any app for the iPad and given the testing, we have done with the app; we believe it. This app is available for just $1.99 from the app store and for that price you really do get a lot for your money.

iPad App Review: Live Cams HD

This is an application that does exactly what it says on the tin, it shows live cams in HD from around the world. If you own an iPhone then you may have come across Live Cams before for that device, but it has now made its transition over to the iPad. However, a lot of these applications that make their way from the iPhone and iPod Touch devices really don’t offer anything else at all and there is usually no reason for them to really make their transition. With Live Cams HD iPad App, this is certainly not the case, however.

When you first launch this application on your iPad you will notice that the application looks absolutely stunning. The extremely large screen of the iPad makes the app appear hundreds of times better than it ever did on the iPhone or iPod Touch and navigating around the application has become increasingly easier as everything spaced much further apart. This means that you won’t accidentally touch the wrong button on the screen like you might have with the iPhone and you will always have great control over the application.Live Cams HD

The application has some absolutely fantastic features. The app gives you access to more than 3000 live cams throughout the world and you can actually view up to 24 of these cameras at one time on the screen if you are in thumbnail mode. Because the screen of the iPad is so large and high quality, even if you are in thumbnail mode the images of each camera are almost as large as they were on the original iPhone version of the device. If you really want a stunning view of the cameras then you can always opt for the full-screen view. If you opt for this view and you are viewing a high-quality camera then you are going to get one of the best pictures that you will have ever seen on the iPad and you will be able to see every detail extremely clearly.

As well as the ability to view many other webcams from around the world, you will also be able to add some of your own if you wish. Adding a camera to the application is extremely easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. One thing to note when viewing the webcams however is that they will work best when viewed over a Wi-Fi network. Now, depending on which version of the iPad you have, you may only be able to use the app on a Wi-Fi network but if you have the 3G version, it will actually work over a 3G network. read more about 3G by clicking here

Overall, this is a fantastic app if you enjoy looking at hundreds of different cams from around the world and the quality of the picture on the iPad is exceptional. This application is available for just $1.99 from the App store and we feel that it is well worth the money.

iPad App Review: Save2PDF

PDF files are one of the most well-known file types around the computing world and there are a lot of different uses for them. PDF files are often used in order to showcase products or create eBooks as well as in order to let someone know about a product or service you are offering. Creating PDF files is a really easy thing to do on a computer as there are many programs out there but sometimes, you want to create a nice new PDF file when you are on the move. Now, you can create PDF files with your iPad without the use of a computer at all using the Save2PDF iPad App.

Save2PDF is a great application for the iPad that will allow you to do a lot more things with PDF files on the device than you ever thought was possible. iBooks and other apps like that are able to read PDF files on the iPad but when it comes to creating one, Save2PDF is in a league of its own.save2pdf-screenshot

When you first launch the app you will notice that there is nothing really special about the look of the app and that it is set out just like many of the other iPad apps that are available. There is a list of files on the left-hand side of the screen with a toolbar at the bottom of the screen with everything that you are able to do in the app.

One of the best features of the app is that it actually allows you to create PDF files on your iPad. You can create PDF files without a computer at all and the app makes it extremely easy to do. As well as creating a file from scratch, you can also merge files together in order to create one big PDF file that consists of many pages. You can convert files from other formats to PDF files using the app and this is an extremely simple process. There is a vast range of file types that are accepted including all of the most well-known ones such as Microsoft Office files, iWork files, and many others.

Another creates feature of the app is that you can edit existing PDF files that you already have on your iPad. There is a range of options for editing and it is once again extremely simple to do. You can also email and export the PDF file when you have finished working on it and this is possible to do right from within the app.

As well as these great features, it is also possible to print out a PDF file that you have created easily. You can do this directly from the app if you have an AirPrint enabled printer.

Overall, this is a fantastic app that will make creating and editing PDF files on your iPad both possible and extremely simple. The app is on sale for just $6.99.

iPad App Reviews: Solitaire Double Deck HD

This iPad application takes the traditional idea of solitaire and enhances it in an exquisite variety of unique and exciting ways, allowing the player to customize the game, playing it differently each time. It is brilliantly designed with stunning optional sounds and magnificent animations that provide a realistic feel, but at the same time, allow for additional features not available in the real-life game. The user interface is brilliant, and the game is both challenging and exciting. It is definitely one of the best solitaire iPad apps available.

The player customizes the iPad application by selecting from a range of settings. The Game Mode allows the player to play with a half deck for a super-quick game; Solitaire-Double-Deck-HD-iPad-App-Review-Screenshotone deck for the traditional experience; or 2 decks to double the challenge and fun. The player can also decide whether he/she would like to draw 1, 2, or 3 cards at a time. Three different modes of scoring are available, or the player can select not to keep the score at all. The player can also choose whether or not to time the game,  and whether or not to count his/her moves. In addition, sound effects can be switched on or off. Advanced settings include Right-Handed Mode, which moves the deck to the right of the screen; Extreme-SPEED Mode, which moves the cards at lightning speed;  Quick Touch, which allows the cards to move when they are touched instead of the player having to drag them; and Double-Tap Complete, which completes the game automatically. Three themes are available for the player to select from; or card fronts, card backs, and table background can be customized. An excellent help feature is also provided, and the player can start a new game at any stage, as well as track his/her scores and statistics. The menu can be hidden while the game is being played and moves can be undone and redone. The hint feature is probably the best feature on this iPad app. This feature gives the player intelligent hints by highlighting the cards that should be played.

Although solitaire is probably one of the most common games available on computers and mobile devices, Solitaire Double-Deck HD is certainly a worthwhile version of the game to purchase. The magnificent design, sound, and animations, together with the versatile settings of this iPad app definitely ensure an enjoyable, challenging, and even addictive experience.

iPad App Review: Evernote

If you have an iPad then you will know that since its release from Apple around 2 months ago, there have been a whole lot of third party apps being developed, all of which aim to make your life easier or more fun. One of the things that you will probably have noticed there is a lot of if you have browsed the iPad app store recently is notes applications. Now, this might seem a bit strange as you will probably know that the iPad actually comes with a notes application already installed, much like on the iPhone. However, there are a lot of iPad apps out there that claim to offer a lot more features than the already installed notes app offers, and one of these applications is called Evernote.

The idea of this application is that it will help you to remember everything that you ever want to remember, in fact, on the app store it actually describes the application as being an extension of your brain, meaning that they have made it extremely intuitive and easy to use. Not only can you just use this application to create usual text notes like on the original notes app for the iPad, but you can also use it to save snapshots of things and many other features.read more about Evernote app at https://evernote.com/

The first thing we will talk about is the overall look of the app. The app has been designed extremely well and when you launch it for the first time, you will probably think that it looks pretty blank. The only reason for this is actually that you simply do not yet have any saved notes, therefore there isn’t really much to show you. However, the app is designed quite simply and there are no cluttered views or anything that might confuse you. The app features a large area where the notes are kept as well as a small taskbar at the top of the screen where you can select what you need.Evernote

Now, the application has some pretty cool features that will really make your life a lot easier. One of the best features we think is that with the app, you will have the ability to create text, photo, and audio notes. This means that if you can create notes like you usually would with the iPad on-screen keypad, but you can also add a photo into the notes and comment on it as well as making a quick audio note if you are in a hurry. This is a great feature and it will really speed things up. Another thing that you can do with this application actually syncs your notes with your PC or Mac so you can keep track of your notes wherever you are.

Overall, this is a fantastic note application for the iPad and the absolute best thing about it is that it is available free of charge from the app store, so give it a go.

iPad App Review: iThought HD

I thought for the iPad is a fantastic new app that is available now from the iTunes app store. What the app allows you to do is to create mind maps on the iPad. If you regularly create mind maps then this app is certainly for you. Once you use this application, then creating a mind map using a pen and paper will seem like it isn’t even possible to do. Creating a mind map with this app is extremely simple and easy to do and once you have used the app a few times, you will more than likely choose to use this app for almost anything you need to plan out.

If you are new to the concept of mind mapping, then let us explain. Mind mapping is used when people wish to plan something out, perhaps you are planning on writing an essay or even a book, mind mapping should always be done before you start writing as it will help you to get a clear idea as to where your project is going and what it is going to include. Starting a mind map with iThought for iPad is extremely easy. When you first launch the app you will be presented with a blank canvas for your thoughts, all there will be is one bubble that is located in the center of the page which will be where you put the title of your mind map. Go ahead and write the title of your mind map in this bubble using the iPads onscreen keyboard.iThought HD

Once you have created a new mind map and have written the title then you will need to start writing down your thoughts on to the device. Doing this is extremely easy and the iPad is extremely versatile. The app can be used in either portrait or landscape mode so that you can make sure your mind map looks exactly how you want it to. Also, the appearance, size, and shape of the bubbles can be changed extremely easily using the iPads great touch interface and all you will need to do in order to change the options is to touch the correct icon on the screen.

One great feature of this application is that once a mind map is complete, it can then be exported in several ways that will enable it to be used outside of the iPad environment. It is possible to email the mind map to your email address, or even to a friend’s email address right from within the application and you can also convert the mind map into a variety of popular formats. For example, you can convert your mind map into a .PDF file, a PNG file, and may more. see more apps at http://www.ipad-application-reviews.com/ipad-app-review-live-cams-hd/

Overall, this is an absolutely fantastic app and it will really enable you to create great mind maps on your iPad device. Although the app is priced rather high at $7.99, we feel that it is still well worth the money simply for the ease of use and the features that it offers.

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